Other publications of the NMV

Next to the journals and the information leaflets the NMV brings out other publications irregularly. Below you will find an overview. Not all titles are still available.

1. Catalogue of the library

The latest paper catalogue of the library was published in 1989. Newly obtained books are announced yearly in the Correspondentieblad/Spirula.
PRICE: Euro 2.00, to be ordered via our secretary.
An on-line CATALOGUE is available on the library's page.

2. De fossiele schelpen van de Nederlandse stranden en zeegaten
(The fossil shells of the Dutch beaches, tidals and inlets)

These series of pictures and descriptions of fossil species were published in Dutch as a series of articles in Basteria between 1954 and 1984. The first series of six articles was brought together in a booklet in 1965 and deals with gastropods. The second series of eight articles deals with the bivalves and was never collected in one volume.
An enthusiastic group of Dutch malacologists is preparing a new book on the fossil shells of the Dutch coast. For more information on this project look HERE.

3. Malacology in the Netherlands

This booklet in English is published on the occasion of the sixth European Malacological Congress in Amsterdam (1977). It provides an interesting overview of the history and state of the art of Malacology in the Netherlands in the seventies of the previous century.
PRICE: Euro 7.00, to be ordered via our secretary.

4. Nederlandse naamlijst van weekdieren (Mollusca) van Nederland en BelgiŽ
(Species list of molluscs (Mollusca) of The Netherlands and Belgium)

In November 1994 this list was published as a jubilee publication on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the NMV. This publication was prepared in co-operation with the "Strandwerkgemeenschap van de KNNV, NJN en JNM". Authors are R.H. de Bruyne, R. Bank, J.P.H.M. Adema en F. Perk. The list in systematic order contains Latin and Dutch names for all species known from The Netherlands and Belgium, as well as for the families, subfamilies and/ or genera.
You can buy the Species list at: Backhuys Publishers.

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