Membership Netherlands Malacological Society

To become a member and to subscribe to the journals please send an email or a letter to the Secretariat of the NMV. When subscribing by email, please use the web form, or send the same information by post. You can also contact the secretariat for more information.

Pinctada margaritifera, Oman © S. van Leeuwen

Membership fees Netherlands Malacological Society (NMV) for 2015

Buiten Europa
€ 25,00
€ 30,00
€ 37,00
€ 25,00
€ 30,00
€ 37,00
Vita Malacologica € 20,00 € 25,00 € 30,00
Spirula + Basteria (€ 5,00 combination discount) € 45,00 € 57.00 € 62,00
Spirula + Vita Malacologica (€ 3,00 combination discount) € 42,00 € 52,00 € 57,00
Basteria + Vita Malacologica (€ 3,00 combination discount) € 42,00 € 52,00 € 57,00
Spirula + Vita Malacologica + Basteria (€ 8,00 combination discount)
€ 48,00
€ 60,00
€ 65,00
1) You may state your preference

When payment is accomplished before the 1st of March, a € 5,00 discount is granted. For new members the discount applies the whole year. As soon as we have received their membership dues, we will send them all volumes published since 1 January of the current year.

Joint membership with Societa Italiana di Malacologia (SIM) and/or Club Conchylia (CC) grants an additional discount of € 2,00 for the NMV dues. However, memberships of both SIM and CC offers the discount of € 2,00 for the NMV only once.

Harpa ventricosa, Eastern Africa © S. van Leeuwen


Preferably payments should be arranged by members' own initiative via bank: IBAN NL51ABNA0566948540; BIC/SWIFT: ABNANL2A;
in the name of the Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging.
The address of the bank: ABN-AMRO, Singelstraat 3, 4461 HZ Goes, The Netherlands.
You can also use PayPal and send money to the account of the e-mail address:

Payment by credit card is possible, but an amount of 5% will be added for credit card company's costs. Please send the credit card information by post or by e-mail (in that case with the 3 digit number from the back of the card in a separate mail).

The Dutch members pay € 38,00 for SIM directly to the Penningmeester of the NMV and their dues for CC (i.c. € 38,00) preferably in cash to Klaus Groh when visiting one of the bourses (Antwerp, Scheveningen or Paris), or to the account of the Raiffeissenbank Hengersberg-Schöllnach eG, account number893 8199, IBAN: DE 1674 1616 08 00 0893 8199 BIC: GENODEFIHBW

Agents can distract 5% of the dues when payment is accomplished before March 1st.

Any changes

Any change in address or changes in the desired periodicals can be forwarded to the Secretariat. Also requests for cancellation of membership.

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