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Vita Malacologica


In 2001 the Foundation Biologia Maritima and the Netherlands Malacological Society (NMV) decided to integrate their activities. One of the activities of the Foundation Biologia Maritima was the publication of the journal Vita Marina. This journal is succeeded now by the journal Vita Malacologica, of which the first volume was published by the NMV in December 2002.

Vita Malacologica is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Netherlands Malacological Society. Vita Malacologica is published once a year with articles around a central theme. Vita Malacologica is published in English only and includes 16 colour pages.


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The editorial board of Vita Malacologica consists of G.C. Kronenberg and J.J. ter Poorten. The distribution is done by J. Kuiper.
Articles can be send to the editorial adress.

Guidelines for authors

More information about the requirements of manuscripts for Vita Malacologica can be found here.


Information on prices and the way of payment and a subscription form are available here. For questions please contact the NMV membership administration.

Single issues

Single issues can be ordered at ConchBooks. PRICE € 30,- net (excl. VAT and porto).


The ISSN-number of Vita Malacologica is 1572-6371.


Volume 20 (1 December 2021): South China Sea and East Asian Mollusca
Volume 19 (24 December 2020): Trochoidea
Volume 18 (24 December 2019): European fossil and living Cephalopoda
Volume 17 (1 December 2018): Olivoidea
Volume 16 (18 December 2017): Dutch Caribbean mollusca
Volume 15 (8 October 2016): Muricidae
Volume 14 (16 April 2016): Enidae
Volume 13 (20 December 2015): Predator and prey interactions
Volume 12 (15 December 2014): Fasciolariidae
Volume 11 (15 July 2013): Murchisonellidae
Volume 10 (6 April 2013): Philippines, Panglao: Pectinoidea
Volume 9 (31 May 2011): Philippines, Panglao: Cancellariidae
Volume 8 (21 September 2009): Philippines, Panglao: Cardiidae
Volume 7 (16 December 2008): Gastropod doors: opercula
Volume 6 (16 December 2008): Conidae
Volume 5 (31 October 2007): Mitriform gastropods
Volume 4 (23 February 2007): On the edge of land and water: Ellobiidae
Volume 3 (24 September 2005): Opistobranchia
Volume 2 (30 October 2004): New data on Dutch marine Mollusca
Volume 1 (18 December 2002): Stromboidea


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